Estimate the Longarm Quilting Cost

To calculate the quilting cost, please measure the length and width of your quilt in inches.  Multiply the length x the width and this will result in the square inches for your quilt.  The charge for each quilt is done in square inches.  The drop down below shows some of the more common pricing.  Please use the updated costs as of Sept 15 2022. Old pricing for a 50x 70 quilt was 50*70*.018 = $63 +GST.  New pricing = 50*70*.02 = $70+ GST.  

Unfortunately, the calculation form is not currently working.  I need to research another tool to use and will update as soon as I can find one that does suit this purpose. (and is free!)

If the meantime, please email me directly for more information or to bring in your quilt at

6 thoughts on “Estimate the Longarm Quilting Cost”

  1. How many extra inches do I need to leave on the backing for the longarm machine, width and length?

  2. It depends on the size of the quilt and if it is square, but if you want to be safe, use 3 to 4 inches all the way around your top, that makes the back a total of 6-8 inches longer and wider than your quilt top.

  3. I have a quilt top I wish to have quilted. It is 68 by 84 inches. I wish to back it with flannel. I’m interested in a price and advice on how best to piece the flannel for your advantage. (I probably need to add a third piece somehow.)
    Also I believe you will need extra fabric on the edges but not sure exactly what is called for.
    What is your timeline like at present?

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