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I have a BSC in Computer Science and have been quilting for about 20 years.  I bought my first (shortarm) setup in 2006 and have been a fan of longarm quilting ever since.  I upgraded to a midarm quilting setup (18 inch throat) with a 10 foot frame and a QBOT.  The software came with the QBOT, and I really enjoyed creating patterns to customize quilts.   Calgary has been home to me now since 2005 and I am centrally located near SAIT and the North Hill Shopping center.

Recently, I upgraded (again!!) to an APQS Millie with a 12 foot frame and IntelliQuilter (IQ)….WOW!  The ability to provide a quality product in a timely manner allows me to pass along the savings to others.

I’ll be adding photos of some work I have done (various machines and recent additions!), so you can get an understanding of what I can do for you.

My primary focus is to make quilting more affordable by providing a quality, affordable service to allow quilters to do what they love best — create works of art in fabric.  My favorite part of the process is putting a quilt on the frame and taking it off finished beautifully.  I have a limited selection of wide backing and several bolts of batting which I will provide at cost to my customers should they choose to use them.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.  My email address is judy@longarmquilter.ca  or use the Contact Me form



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