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Diamond Log Cabin Complete


I saw a picture of a quilt similar to this and loved it, so had to try it out.  The 2016 theme for Heritage Park Festival of Quilts was “Log Cabin”, so what more incentive do you need?

Anyways, I worked out a pattern and put it together –this quilt measures 94″ x 104″ so is a good size.  Then I got to quilt it!!! Lots of fun.  Here is another picture showing details.  All the feathers had to be created/designed as quilting 60/120 degree blocks there are not a lot of designs available for my IQ.   The large borders were modified from original patters designed and purchased.   The small blue border, I created using IQ:-


Bulk Discount for 4 or more quilts twin or larger no rush.

For those quilters  who have quilt tops lying on shelves, thinking that longarm quilting services are too expensive– this might be for you.  If you have 4 or more quilts to be done, please drop them off or mail them in at the same time to be eligible to the 1.5 cents per square inch bulk discount for edge to edge quilting. I have hundreds of lovely patterns for your quilts and they will still be done within 4-6 weeks.  Let me know if this type of service interests you!

This special offer is for quilts all larger than 60×80 inches and all 4 or more done using simple edge to edge quilt pantographs (or border to border) that have no rush to be completed.



Traditional Log Cabin.


I know I have to take the time to update with newer material but there are so many lovely quilts coming through my studio lately. This log cabin came in with a request for an edge to edge treatment…but I just couldn’t do it.  This quilt decided that it wanted the traditional log cabin block and it turned out beautifully.   The fabrics Jackie used were all Thimbleberry, the thread used is a khaki Glide which really shows off the stitching beautifully (but not too obvious, right?).

Here is a closer picture to show the stitching:-